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The annual hometown party is already a love fest, but the ensemble will premiere a new work commissioned by Phi Beta Mus Mississippi chapter, Elva Kaye and Lance. The power trio Rock Outfit, which hails from all parts of Mississippi, returns for the second year in a row, this time as part of the Mississippi Music Festival. Led by MSU band leader Chris Gunn and Mississippi State University music director James Gunn, the soundcheck will end at 6 p.m. with a performance in his hometown by the band's lead singer and guitarist.

Housed in a historic former post office, the museum houses the Mississippi Blue Trail Museum, a collection of artifacts and artefacts from Mississippi's bluegrass history. Walking or driving through the city you will also encounter several signs that are part of the Mississippi Blue Trail, commemorating important people, events and history of the blues. The mission of the museum is to explore, preserve and preserve our heritage through historical, cultural and cultural artifacts and the history of blues music in Mississippi.

Natchez is the second largest city in Mississippi after Jackson, the capital of Mississippi, which is located in the center of the state. The milestone starts at # 444 on the Mississippi Blue Trail in Jackson and ends at its northern terminus in Nashville, Tennessee.

Natchez, a town of 15,000 that stretches along the Mississippi bluffs, is older than New Orleans. It is a beautiful city and a wonderful place to stay if you are on the Great American Music Trail. The highway is about an hour's drive from Jackson, the state capital.

With all the live music in Tupelo, it's hard to bring the Blue Canoe home, but it's still home to some of the best blues and country music on the Great American Music Trail.

Every Tuesday and Saturday evening in May, Natchez hosts a series of music events featuring the world's best singers from Mississippi - who have come specially for the event. Whatever genre you like, there's something for everyone at Natchesz Festival of Music. The festival takes place every year from May 1st to May 31st and features live music from some of the best blues, country and country musicians in the country. Since the months - the long Natchchz Festival was held in May 1990 - Natchez has hosted many events, including the annual Natchetz Music Festival, the Mississippi State Fair and the Miss Mississippi Music Awards.

Afro-American music in Natchez covers an exceptionally broad spectrum, including jazz, soul and blues, country, blues and country, and country and jazz. Jefferson Street was a playground for various kinds of music throughout the 20th century, including jazz and soul / blues. The polygons of the region represent three iconic cities, and each genre (and more) is celebrated and preserved in its own way, from jazz to soul and country to blues and rock'n roll and everything in between. In addition to the annual Natchetz Music Festival, Mississippi State Fair and Miss Mississippi Music Awards, Jefferson Street also hosts a number of other events, including the Natchchz Festival of Music, the Natchesz Jazz Festival and a number of concerts.

Scottish and Irish music in particular filled the air with the sound of fiddle and folk songs that became part of the culture of Alabama and surrounding states and later contributed to the emergence of bluegrass, country and folk music. Hurt plays in a Piedmontese blues tradition that uses ragtime - fingerpicking techniques.

Little is known about his exact origin, but he has made sound recordings and traveled with musicians. If you're in town, visit Puckett's Boat House, which serves some of the best seafood in the landlocked state, and live bands that encourage guests to take to the dance floor and burn dinner to music from blues to zydeco. Combs said a local favorite and a must-see for tourists is the Rolling River Bistro, which hosts live jazz and big band musicians every Wednesday and Saturday. Live music is important to the community, and there is no better place to do it than the oldest restaurant in town in Mississippi.

Join us for a free concert on Saturday, June 25 at Mississippi State Fairgrounds, where local musician Gabriel Bass will perform. The annual Mississippi Jazz Festival is held at Natchitoches State Park on Sunday, July 3.

The Mississippi State Wind Ensemble will perform at Natchitoches State Park on Saturday, July 3 at 6: 30 p.m. and give a free concert in the park.

The Natchez Festival of Music will make Mississippi musical by hosting the first Mississippi Blues Trail Music Festival on Saturday, July 3. The Southland Music Line will visit Natchesz to learn more about the Mississippi Blues Trail to find out what this beautiful city sounds like. If you can explore the beautiful natural beauty of this historic city in the heart of Mississippi's southernmost state, Natchetz's tourism industry will grow even stronger.

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